Wednesday, April 9, 2014

A long visit with Roscoe

Roscoe has grown steadily in the past week. The doctors put him onto a mixture of milk and formula that's 24 calories per ounce (rather than standard milk which has about 20 calories per ounce). On Sunday he gained 3oz, on monday he gained 0oz, on tuesday he gained 1.5oz and then today he gained 1.5oz again. His total weight is now 7lb 13.4oz!

The videos below are an extended interaction I had with Roscoe. What a great kid!

On Thursday, Roscoe will have another blood test. The CO2 results in that test will be a topic of discussion for all of his doctors (neonatologist, cardiologist, pulmonologist, UCSF). Depending on how that conversation goes, he has a chance of coming home Saturday.


  1. These videos are so sweet. I love his big smiles!

    We were watching these and Westin said: "He's as big as a REALLY tiny pencil!" :o)
    Javan said: "I want to touch him!"
    Lacie said: "He's so cute!"

    Love you three!

  2. PS - Roscoe now weighs what Westin weighed when he was born. :o)
    Keep growing, Roscoe!