Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Story Time

Alisha spends most of her day with Roscoe. She feeds him, cleans him, and generally makes sure he's happy. Now that he's getting older, he needs more mental stimulation than just the basic care & feeding he needed when he was younger. Before when he would cry, we'd know he was either hungry or dirty. Now he'll sometimes cry and he's telling us "Pick me up, I want to be held!" or he's telling us "I want to look around, I don't like looking at the ceiling".

One of the ways Alisha feeds Roscoe the mental stimulation he needs is by reading to him. Here she is reading a book that I got her this past Christmas. It's a collection of golden books that are illustrated by Mary Blair, who was one of a few original Disney concept art designers. She worked on movies like Alice in Wonderland and Peter Pan, so the book is a great way to introduce Roscoe to the creativity that works inside mommy's head:

He isn't yet developed enough to reach out and play with the pages or attempt to turn to the next page, but we can see his eyes scanning over the pages. He also expresses more interest in some pages (usually high-contrast) than others.


  1. Roscoe is blessed with a wonderful mommy........and daddy!!!

  2. I love that picture!
    And I love you three!