Tuesday, April 29, 2014

CO2 at 66, no tethered cord

Yesterday we got two pieces of good news. The first was that Roscoe had another CO2 measurement and his number came in at 66, which is lower than the prior measurement of 72 and the measurement of 75 before that. We are hoping this indicates a trend of growth in his lungs.

The second piece of good news was that the MRI results showed that he does not have a tethered cord. We were very thankful, because each human intervention into his healing process involve mistakes and the spinal column is somewhere we definitely don't want mistakes to be made. We aren't quite sure what the doctors saw in the ultrasound that caused them to say something was abnormal. Unless we get an explanation from the doctors about it, we'll just assume that Roscoe's cord was tethered but that God answered our prayers and healed it before the doctors could see it with the MRI.

I'll close this blog post with two pictures of Roscoe from his bath last week. I think this first one might be good to show to his date for prom or to a girl he's trying to impress in high school. What a cute kid.

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