Monday, April 21, 2014

CO2 numbers higher, confused

Roscoe had another CO2 measurement this morning, and his numbers came back higher at 76. Alisha and I are frustrated and confused, because we thought that after his last measurement he was headed in the right direction. He is still on 5L of pressurized air at 45% oxygen. This confuses us because the CO2 number now is practically the same that it was when he was on 0.1L of non-pressurized air at 100% oxygen (ready to go home).

Today we are expecting the doctors to want to increase his breathing support, and I put in a request that they talk to me directly before they do something like that. If we get any answers or clarity, we'll keep everyone updated. Until then, enjoy some baby jumping jacks and tickles in the video below! He constantly makes me smile.

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