Thursday, April 10, 2014

Growth Comparison

Roscoe's blood test was conducted this morning and his CO2 numbers rose, which means he won't be coming home this week. The doctors will consult with each other and determine the next plans for his care and possible release. His numbers came back at 78, when they were 72 and 69 in the two prior tests. This occurred after he was on increased oxygen pressure.

As we noted yesterday, Roscoe has been showing positive growth recently. One of the nurses printed off his growth charts which compares his growth in various ways compared with other premature babies. The standard "percentile" measurements are shown on the curved lines, where you can see that even when compared against other preemies (born 6-15 weeks premature) Roscoe is on the smaller side due to his IUGR and other complications. At least his head is within range!

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