Friday, April 18, 2014

Holding Pattern

There isn't much new to report about Roscoe's progress. He hasn't gone backwards, and his lung development will be more of a tortoise (slow and steady) than a hare. For those of you reading younger than 23, a "hare" is a rabbit and rabbits are fast.

This is a short video of Roscoe on his second walk. He's wearing a hat that Alisha got him recently. I think it makes him look like a small fisherman or golfer.

One of the things we've started doing in the past 1-2 weeks is holding him upright and looking outward. His neck strength is getting pretty good where he can hold his head up straight even if I lean slightly. I won't be making roller coaster motions anytime soon, but this keeps him active and gives him a different perspective than staring up at the ceiling.

1 comment:

  1. Love the Gilligan hat and the new giraffe pacifier!!! I love this boy....and you two!!!