Thursday, April 24, 2014

How old is Roscoe?

When people ask us a question like "So how old is Roscoe now?" you might see us hesitate and fumble over our words. The reason for our confusion is that the nature of the answer depends on the reference point the asker is using. Sometimes they are asking for Roscoe's adjusted (gestationally) age and sometimes they're asking for his legal age. Sometimes they are just making conversation.

Roscoe was born on October 6th, but his due date was December 24th. That means today his adjusted age is 4 months, but his legal age is a little over 6.5 months. Doctors will measure his development based upon his adjusted age, but his birthday will be according to his legal age. So the question for you is: do you want to know medical history or do you want to eat some cake? :)

Developmentally, Roscoe is on track. He is grasping at things, turning his head toward sounds, smiling at people who talk to him (some more than others), and engaging in "coo" and "aah" conversation. His breathing still needs work, because a blood test today showed his CO2 at 72. But look at what a conversationalist he is:

After reading this blog post, some ladies may be tempted to derive an arbitrary due date for themselves so that they can refer to themselves by an "adjusted" age in the late 20's instead of their legal age above 40. Please do not succumb to this temptation. You are not 29 and neither am I. Let's both just accept the facts.


  1. ...but...can we eat cake twice if we ask both questions? ;o)

  2. Hey! I like the new look! Gettin' fancy!