Thursday, April 17, 2014

Higher Vapotherm pressure, Lower CO2

Roscoe had a surprise CO2 measurement yesterday (rather than today, when we expected it). Thankfully in answer to all of your prayers, his CO2 number came in at 63. The prior measurement was 75, so it's a great improvement. He's currently at a high level of breathing support (5L of pressurized air at 45% oxygen), so he won't be coming home soon.

We are disappointed that he's seemingly taken a few months' step backwards in his breathing, but really his progress was somewhat false because his CO2 numbers went up and we didn't know it. We are thankful that he didn't regress any further where he'd need to go back on the dreaded CPAP mask. Now he's trying to work his way back to where he was a month ago and further develop his lungs, all while maintaining the great growth numbers he's been showing. Today he is 8lb 1.1oz.

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