Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Baby Talk

Roscoe has started getting very vocal. Alisha said that in the mornings when Roscoe wakes up, he's very happy so nurses will come by (even those who aren't caring for him) and talk to him so he'll smile and them and mumble back. Sometimes he's still talkative by the time I get there at the end of the day, and sometimes he's more in the mood to look outside and watch the wind blow the leaves on the trees.

On Saturday we took this video of him gabbing with us about his day:

Then on Sunday we took this video. He talked for a little while and then looked at me, trying to figure out if he should be amused at the noises I was making, or worried that he came from my gene pool.


  1. Shaun you had me cracking up. I'm sure to Roscoe you sounded very wise.

  2. These videos are so sweet! I love hearing baby voices. From babies.
    Okay, it's sweet hearing you do it, too, Shaun. :o)