Saturday, April 19, 2014

Cloth Book

Alisha and I have received many gifts offered to us from kind people all over the United States. One of those gifts came to us from a friend of my mom's who lives in the Sequim, WA area. It is a hand-made cloth book with lots of interactive pages. We've tried to take a video of Roscoe with the book for a while now, but we'd always be missing one person to shoot the video or he was too fussy when we tried taking it:

Finally a few days ago we got him to behave well enough through an entire reading of the book:

The book has lots of interactive pages with snaps, buttons, zippers, hidden pockets, counting, and colors. Once he gets to the stage where he realizes that he can interact with things beyond his own hands, I think he'll appreciate the book more. We definitely appreciated the work that went into such a thoughtful gift.

Thank you to everyone who continues to show us kindness and pray for our little boy. He's getting bigger (8lb 3.9oz yesterday) and we are looking forward to the day he comes home.

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  1. What a great book! Thanks for showing it to us! He will LOVE it! And thanks so-o-o much to Linda for it : )