Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Put on some Clothes

As some of you may have noticed from previous videos, Roscoe is starting to wear clothes! When we come to see him now, his incubator lid is lifted and he's swaddled in a blanket with clothing underneath. This means that he's generating body heat and getting more exposure to voices and sounds. Here is Roscoe in an almost-onesie that Alisha got last week:

His clothing needs will be well-supplied, thanks to a HUGE gift box that we got from Caleb, Tifany, Lacie, Javan, and Westin about a week ago. Each of these gifts was individually wrapped and Alisha and I had fun opening them for Roscoe. My favorites are the superman and batman costumes (capes included) laying in the upper part of the picture. The blue jars contain an assortment of socks for Roscoe.

And here is Roscoe face-to-face with a sock monkey that Greg and Cathy Eubanks bought him. He just happened to be crying at the time we took the picture, he's not scared/angry at the sock monkey :). We put it in there for a size comparison to show people who can't visit how big Roscoe is (and how much growth he still has left):

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