Friday, May 16, 2014

Bubble Mouth

One of the side effects of Roscoe being on bubble CPAP is that it's blowing higher pressure into his nose. If he doesn't have a tight seal on his mouth, that causes lots of bubbles to build up around his mouth. If you see him like this please don't worry, the doctors have assured us he does not have rabies. :)

Roscoe is also getting to the sneaky stage where he learned how to respond to things he doesn't like. Of course he doesn't understand that the oxygen being pushed into his nose is helping improve his health, so sometimes he'll leave his mouth dangling open like this to relieve the pressure. Unfortunately this means that the oxygen goes in his nose and right out his mouth without ever touching his lungs. To get around this, we usually stick a pacifier in his mouth to plug the "leak":

In the video below you can see his mouth surrounded by bubbles and me putting in his pacifier and then cleaning up the bubbles. You may also notice that the orange tube (used for feeding and venting air pressure from his stomach) is taped to his shirt. We do this because his fidgety hands will often find the tube, latch onto it, and then pull erratically. If the tube isn't taped well enough to the bar across his face, it slides out and sometimes the nurses won't notice until much later.

Last night Alisha and I were treated to some free time together. The hospital has a rule that a parent must be with any visitor at the bedside, but we found out that there are exceptions to that rule. One exception was if the parents were sick, they could approve an individual to take their spot while they were sick. We asked if (under these circumstances) we could get something similar and they approved. Rachelle has volunteered to be Roscoe's first babysitter. For those who don't know, Rachelle's son was born with a heart defect and had to have heart surgery as a baby (and periodic checkups still today).
Thanks Rachelle!


  1. We had fun on our adventures! Love you Roscoe!

  2. Bless you Rachelle!!! You beautiful, lucky girl!!!

  3. Roscoe (and mom and dad) are such trail blazers! Thank you for paving the way, so that our little one might have the opportunity for extra support too. You're the best!