Thursday, May 15, 2014

Going Bananas

When I went to look up a video I took yesterday, I ran across these videos of Roscoe from last week. Alisha took them, so as of posting this I haven't even watched them myself. They are videos of Roscoe getting a taste of bananas.

Today I spoke with a Dr. Fineman from UCSF about why they're waiting 6 months (until late July) to see Roscoe again. I asked because it seemed like a long time to postpone further treatment of his pulmonary vein stenosis (which is a rather serious issue). Dr. Fineman said that the primary goal is getting Roscoe bigger before his late July appointment at UCSF, because Roscoe's size will cause difficulties if they need to surgically intervene. He reiterated that Dr. Moore is one of the best in the world at cardiac catheterizations, and he'll be doing Roscoe's procedure in July (he also did it back in January). He said that they could bring Roscoe in earlier if no progress is being made on his size or if his breathing goes downhill, but doing so would mean that we were in a dire situation.

Today Roscoe had a huge weight gain and is up to 9lb 4oz, but that's a gain of over 5oz from yesterday. The coming days will tell whether it was a misreading. His blood gas this morning showed normal pH (good), but CO2 was up slightly to 68.

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