Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Roscoe's View

If you wondered what the view is like from Roscoe's crib, here's what he sees most of the time:
Now of course this isn't all he has to look at. He also has his mobile, some hanging toys, a jingling frog, momma's face, and any cheerful nurse who happens to walk by. Then sometimes he'll get a visitor to entertain him, like his grandpa did a few Sundays ago:

When he gets bored, we'll sit him up in the Bumbo chair and face him out the window. We've done it previously because he likes watching the trees move with the wind. Now that he's got the CPAP mask on his face, it keeps our hands free so that we can keep his mouth closed (so air doesn't escape before it hits his lungs) and his CPAP mask tubes at the right angle. He's a handful and he doesn't even realize it!

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