Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Playing Around

Although Roscoe looks rather different to us with his face mask (CPAP) on, he doesn't seem to mind it all that much or notice that it's there. As long as we keep him entertained, he is still the same smiling, curious, talkative baby that he was last week.

Here's a video that I took at night while he was playing with some toys that dangled from overhead. In his crib we hung a cord from one corner to the diagonally opposite corner. Then from that cord we hung several toys for him to look at and play with. Alisha chained some links together and on the end of the chain connected a ladybug toy with a bell inside and crunchy wings. In the video he flops the toy around occasionally with his hand, which hopefully indicates that he's starting to learn cause-and-effect and that he can influence his surroundings with something other than crying:

On a good note, his blood test earlier this week showed his CO2 at 64 and his pH levels back to normal. Hopefully this trend will continue and the next blood test will show better numbers. Tomorrow I will post some graphs from the doctor that show his numbers over time.

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