Friday, May 30, 2014

Wrestling with Monkey

Roscoe loves his monkey pacifier. We got it during his first visit to UCSF and he's kept it ever since. At first we thought it was just a gimmick, but then we realized how helpful it was. It's been so helpful that we bought a backup (a giraffe) in case his monkey gets dirty or lost.

The monkey gives him something to grab onto and let's us position the pacifier so it's held into his mouth a little more firmly. Most of the time, he just plays with the monkey like this video shows below. To me it looks like he's wrestling with the monkey and the monkey has him pinned.

Lately he's been shoving the arms or legs into his mouth and chewing on the fuzzy parts, instead of the pacifier. We're not sure if this is him experiencing new textures or starting teething, but whatever it is he likes it.

As a bonus, today he passed the 10lb mark on an official weighing. He gained an average of 2oz each day this week, and when that happened last week much of the weight ended up being water weight. We'll see if this weight gain can be sustained long-term.

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  1. You have such a beautiful little boy. I'm a friend of Tifany's at church and have been prayerfully following Roscoe's story. My husband and I are raising a 3 year old and twin boys who arrived slightly prematurely (35 weeks) in December of 2013. We pray for you every day. God bless you and your beautiful wife and son.