Monday, May 5, 2014

Looking at the Future

Roscoe had another CO2 test today and it came back at 76, which is the wrong direction. Alisha will be talking to the doctors later today to see what their plans are. We'd assume that the doctors won't just hold him hostage until his CO2 numbers come down, but they haven't given us any indication of plans to the contrary either.

On Saturday I had Roscoe in his bumbo chair, letting him sit upright and look out the window near his crib. I noticed him staring drastically off to the left. At first I thought he was just tired and his neck was getting weak. Then I noticed that he was keeping his eyes focused and intently looking at something off to his left. I found out, it was these painted pictures:

I removed the tape holding the pictures to the side of Roscoe's crib and moved them around. His eyes followed the pictures wherever they went. Apparently he really likes looking into the future to see what it holds for him. I only wish we knew when we'd have him home. :)


  1. That picture is cute! I love how he is just staring at them.
    Can't wait to meet that little guy!

  2. Love you Roscoe!! You are going to love your home!! Your parents are pretty cool too!! ;)