Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Reading Books

Roscoe got some new books when his aunt and uncle rolled into town this past week. The books are called Hello, Animals and Hello, Bugs. They are filled with high-contrast images of animals and bugs with a single foil color, along with funny sounds that each one makes. Roscoe really loves these books and they've quickly become some of his favorites to look at and have read to him. Alisha often gets him to smile really big with certain bug sounds like "buzz, buzz" or "scuttle, scuttle". Here are some shots of her reading him the animals book during the good part of last Saturday:

I've started reading through the Rhyme Bible with Roscoe. He likes the rhyming sounds and pictures, and I'm sure that over time the stories will start to sink in. On Saturday we made it through the entire Old Testament in a single sitting, and on Monday we read about half of the New Testament.

Roscoe's breathing was very steady yesterday on bubble CPAP of 6L/min at 45% oxygen. He seemed calm and once again his normal self. His weight was 9lb 9oz, mainly because he had gotten rid of 5oz of fluid in a single diaper on Saturday. I suppose that a good portion of the big weight gains he'd had were due to retaining fluid, rather than building muscle and bone.

I thought it would also be fun to include some pictures that I forgot to post from several weeks back, before he was put on the CPAP full-time. Rachelle took these while Alisha was holding Roscoe and I'm sure entertaining him very thoroughly:

Roscoe sure loves his momma!


  1. Roscoe sure has a beautiful momma!!!

  2. Those pictures make me smile every time!

  3. Glad he enjoys the books!

    I love the picture of Alisha laughing really hard...that is a great shot!