Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Entertaining Himself

Roscoe does a good job of entertaining himself. Something we've noticed as he'd grown is that he'll start initiating actions instead of waiting for something to come along and please him. Now this doesn't mean that we'll walk in and find him reading to himself or building a LEGO structure, but it does mean that he is starting to learn that if he's bored he can do something about it. We still have to help quite a bit in getting him started, but we can see mental baby steps happening.

Here he is watching some overhead toys that dangle above him.

And then he got distracted when daddy said something.

This shows a view from the side, as he watches the stuff hanging overhead. Between the two stuffed animals (bugs), there is a plastic mirror that's shaped like a sunflower. Occasionally he'll get really captivated by what's in the mirror whether it's him or just the blanket or a wall. The mirror amplifies any movement in the overhead string, so it's the first thing to move.

The video below shows him playing with his tongue. Part of me thinks that he's convinced he's got a fish in his mouth and he's trying to pull it out while it flops around!


  1. I love how intensely focused he is on his toys.
    And the video of him playing with his tongue is so cute!
    I am hoping to be able to get back over to see him (and one or both of his fabulous patents) today.
    Love you three!