Tuesday, May 20, 2014

During the Day

While I am at work, Alisha is at work too (taking care of Roscoe). She keeps him entertained and makes sure he's happy. Roscoe always has a nurse nearby, but he's started being more selective with how he's held and what he wants his caretaker to do. His regular (primary) nurses know him really well, but they can't work every day and so when he's with an unfamiliar nurse it is good to know that Alisha is there with him.

During the day, she will send me text messages with pictures of what they are both doing. For instance, here's a picture she sent of Roscoe looking at himself in the mirror:
I wonder if he remembers what he looked like 1-2 weeks ago, when he looked at himself in the mirror without the CPAP mask on his face? Here is another picture she sent when he was sticking out his tongue at his morning primary nurse (Rena). As you can tell by the big smile on his face, he really likes her. She has bright red/orange hair and a voice that makes him giggle. One of these times we'll catch a giggle on camera, but it's difficult since he has to be in the right mood and he laughs at her more than he does at either of us.

Occasionally I'll get pictures of Roscoe eating:

Or even great news like this: It is a follow-up blood test that the doctors ran today, which shows his CO2 level at 63! This was wonderful news because his prior reading was 77, which was a big disappointment.
His next CO2 reading will be on Thursday, so we are hoping for a good reading again. The pulmonologist increased his breathing support to a pressure of 7L/min (from 6L/min) in an attempt to make his readings more consistent.