Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Happy Birthday (7 months!) to the little BIG man

Yesterday Roscoe turned 7 months old. Alisha took these pictures after work while I dangled a toy over his face to keep him looking at the camera.

In these pictures below you'll see a small cake sitting next to Roscoe. This week is nurse appreciation week, so a local company called "Nothing Bundt Cakes" gave small cakes to all of the nurses. Roscoe's nurse (Rena) gave him her cake because it was his birthday. The look on his mouth says it all about how much he wanted to chow down.

Today the doctors called with somewhat bad news. They said because Roscoe's CO2 numbers weren't declining, that UCSF is recommending that they increase his breathing support back to the CPAP machine (face mask). I protested because they couldn't clearly explain why they thought this would solve the issue. We are having an in-person meeting on Friday with the Kaiser staff to discuss the plan for Roscoe.


  1. Happy birthday Roscoe! May the days and weeks ahead be filled with great happiness and adventure. Sending goods thoughts to your mom and dad too - as they advocate for what is best for you.

  2. He's so sweet!
    Did he enjoy the cake? ;o)

    We're praying for his lungs to strengthen!
    Love you, Roscoe!