Wednesday, November 6, 2013

A Little Puffy

The past few days Roscoe has looked a little puffy. The nurses said that it may be due to the sedatives or other medication they are giving him. He looked really puffy a few days ago and now he's tapered off to only slightly puffy. We were curious if this puffiness would have contributed to his weight gain, but the nurses also said that his diaper "output" has indicated that he's not retaining fluids so they think it is actual weight gain.

Here are some videos that Alisha took yesterday. You can see that his eyes are still a little puffy:

Since he's still sedated (to keep him from getting agitated by the ventilator), he is sleeping most of the time we're there. We know that it's best for him to sleep, but we want to look at him also. Sometimes we're left with peering through a small slit in the blanket that covers his incubator. From our perspective it looks a little like this:


  1. I watched all video's, felt disappointed when they stopped. Love looking at him just being...little Roscoe. Thanks for sharing. Hugs.

  2. If he's anything like his Aunt Tif, his eyes will be puffy for the rest of his life.
    Thanks for sharing the videos! Love 'em!