Saturday, November 23, 2013

Tiny Handiwork

One of my favorite things to watch on Roscoe are his hands. I like watching them because they move even when other parts of him are still. His hands are also very detailed. Someone once said that you can tell the quality of a painter by looking at how well they painted a subject's hands. Since Roscoe hasn't gained alot of baby fat yet, his hands look like a small model of an adult's hands. They have wrinkles, knuckles, fingernails (even a white part and a pink part), and fingerprints. When Alisha and I were holding Roscoe, we got to put our hands in the same position as his were for comparison:

This picture was just too cute for me to pass up posting it somewhere. Roscoe is trying to look up at Alisha the first time she was holding him, like he was trying to find out who his mommy was.

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  1. I love hearing about and witnessing all of the details you see. I can't wait to come in and see him again. I know he misses me!