Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Roscoe's Room: Part 2

The previous post about Roscoe's room can be seen here. We'll pick up where we left off and look just to the right of the dresser.
Starting at the floor, there's a small shelf that Alisha got and painted the interior orange (previously it was dark red). In the shelf are a light up star, old baseball mitts from the 1930's or 1940's, and a model GT-40 that I had. The light blue and orange matched the room theme, so it made the cut. 
The baseballs are brand new and taken from a box that I got when my grandfather Frank Briggs passed away in 1998. I don't know if I'll ever have the courage to actually use them, so they might just remain display-only baseballs that I pass down to Roscoe. The top one is missing because we have it at the hospital for the baseball picture that Alisha took before the world series. The top of the shelf looks like this:
The "You Shall See Wonders" print is something that Lana Wilson got for Alisha. The pictures, binoculars, bookends, and vintage children's encyclopedia set are things that we picked up at various yard and estate sales.

Mounted higher on the wall is my favorite part of the entire room:
The shelf is a cloud shape that Alisha made that we nailed to the front of a plain, white shelf. We also mounted an authentic phonograph horn to the shelf. The shelf currently holds three stuffed animals: a lamb pillow that my mom made when Tifany (Roscoe's aunt) and I were kids, Alisha's childhood stuffed animal named "Mr. Lion", and a stuffed animal from Lana named "Mr. Fox" (I call him "Raymond" in formal settings).

The moon shape was something we cut out of plywood. The real work was done when Paul Tate painted it to mimic old paper moon photo backdrops like the one below. Alisha plans to use it occasionally for photo shoots:

To the right of the rocking chair is Roscoe's bed. Alisha and I took a day trip down to the bay area and picked it up one Saturday when we were visiting the Salinas congregation. On top of each post is a bunny.

Once we find (or make) the right frame, we also plan to mount the ship painting above Roscoe's bed. We both really like how it ties into the adventure theme. The painting isn't made by anyone famous, it's just nice to look at. We briefly considered modifying the painting to add Peter Pan and Wendy, which would turn the boat into Captain Hook's ship:

Alisha made the sheer curtains for the 3 box windows out of strips of old fabric:

To the right of the bed is a closet, then between the closet and the door looks like this. The desk and globe we got from a local swap meet. Alisha bought the chalkboard from an antique store, then was later bummed to find out that it's also sold at Ikea:

This is where we'll prepare Roscoe for his first day of school in 2018. It sounds like a long time off, but I'm sure it'll be here before we know it.


  1. Completely fabulous! I hope I get invited to Roscoe's "slums". (Ask me about that later!)

  2. loving the night cap you gave old mister moon!

  3. Baby Roscoe is going to have a very colorful, fun life with the 2 creative geniuses he has for parents! :)

  4. The room looks awesome!
    (I checked it out the day you posted - I check every day - but didn't get around to commenting until now.)

    Where is the moon cradle? Is it not in his room?

    Oh...and thanks for updating my name...haha! Love you three!