Thursday, November 14, 2013

Houston, we have eyelashes!

One comment that many people have made when they've come to see Roscoe in person is that he's so complete. I think that's one of the benefits I've received from going through this process: getting to see how a baby looks after only 6 months of development instead of 9 months. Many people (including myself) expected his features to have less detail than a full-grown newborn, so they were surprised to see that he's a complete person, just smaller. He has creases in his palms where his hands move, he has fingerprints and fingernails, each finger and toe moves independently, he has shoulder blades, eyebrows, a full set of ribs, and can move his tongue.

Noticing these little details reminds me of a sermon that Glen Osburn gave in Placerville on creation. He pointed out that God created things in the solar system that we have yet to discover. He also pointed out that God has created processes on an atomic level (like how the brain works and learns) that we don't completely comprehend. Glen pointed out that God is just waiting for us to one day discover these things and see more of what he's created. He pictured God's excitement saying "I can't wait until they discover X next!".

Yesterday Alisha took a video of Roscoe now that he's back on the smaller ventilator. She zoomed in close and got the first look at Roscoe's eyelashes! They have been there the whole time, we just hadn't discovered them until now. Hopefully he'll inherit his cousin Javan's eyelashes that all the girls seem to fawn over.

1 comment:

  1. Those videos are so sweet!
    I love his tiny little eyelashes (of course), but also his nose twitching in the first video and his eyebrows moving in the second video.
    Thanks for the extreme close-up, Alisha!

    His looks seem to be changing - I can see a little more of Alisha than I could originally. Of course, I am usually horrible at telling who kids take after, but with all these videos to study I think I kind of can with him.
    No matter who he looks like, he is precious.

    Love you three!