Friday, November 29, 2013

Stuffed on Thanksgiving

On Thanksgiving, the doctors called to inform us that the night before they had to re-insert Roscoe's breathing tube. His oxygen requirements had steadily increased over the 2-3 days prior and they observed large pockets of air in his stomach. The air pockets were putting pressure on his lungs and other organs, making it harder for him to breathe. For a comparison think about how hard it was to breathe after getting seconds thirds at Thanksgiving dinner yesterday and that's how Roscoe felt on an empty stomach.

Thankfully, the nurse who cared for him last night did some belly massaging (on Roscoe) and was able to work out some of the "bubbles" in his system. Without getting graphic, her description to us about the results used the word "explosive". Roscoe's heartbeat was back down near the normal range in the 160's, when it had been in the 180's due to the increased discomfort. His caretakers will continue to leave the breathing tube in for another few days while Roscoe relaxes and regains some energy.

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