Thursday, November 7, 2013

Texas Signs

This morning one of Alisha's close friends, Thalita (pronounced "tah-lee-tah"), was travelling through Alisha's home state of Texas and she made an interesting discovery. On I-20 there are two towns separated by about 30 miles. One town is named "Roscoe" and the other town is named "Nolan"! You can see her facebook post about it here:

If you'd like to check out the namesake towns of our little guy, you can do so virtually on google maps.

As for how Roscoe is doing, he's had some ups and downs. On the good side, he hasn't had any scary episodes since Sunday night. He also had his first eye exam and everything looked great. We were concerned about this because sometimes the higher percentages of oxygen given to preemies cause vision issues. He also measured at 2lb 3oz yesterday!

On the down side, Roscoe's PDA valve has opened back up so the doctors will once again be restricting his fluids. They'll keep his feedings at their current levels, but will be giving him a diuretic to rid his internals of any excess liquids. They'll do this for 4-5 days in hopes that the valve closes. After this point, they'll try other options which may include surgery. Roscoe also hasn't been progressing on the ventilator as well as the doctors would like, but they said occasionally some babies are just slow on the uptake. Please continue to pray that God heals Roscoe's heart and lungs. The creator of all air and minerals can certainly heal these little organs that make use of the air and minerals to support the life of a little boy he has created.

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