Friday, November 22, 2013

Breathing Tube Removed

Roscoe had another good day yesterday. He made enough progress on the ventilator that they replaced his breathing tube with a ventilator mask. This is great because it means he's progressing in terms of lung development and it also stops the damage to his lungs that would be caused by a breathing tube. God is helping Roscoe to make great strides this week.

Here is a video that I took before Alisha changed his diaper and then held him for the second time. With his breathing tube removed he was able to start sucking on a pacifier. Seeing him playing with a pacifier and opening his eyes makes him look so much more like a baby that's ready to go home:

The next big step for Roscoe will be to learn to feed from a bottle, so that they can remove his feeding tube. After that, he'll learn to feed directly from Alisha. As Bob Wiley said, "Baby steps".

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