Monday, November 4, 2013

Vibrating Roscoe

You may have noticed that we haven't had as many pictures or video of Roscoe recently. With this post I'll try to explain why. Early last week they hooked up Roscoe to a new ventilator to help spur his lung development. The old ventilator would push breaths of air in and out of his lungs, but the new ventilator rapidly vibrates his entire body. All of the doctors and nurses have said this ventilator is specifically used to stimulate areas of his lungs to develop. Here's how his belly looks when he's on the new ventilator:

Employ one of Jesus' principles and put yourself in Roscoe's tiny shoes: how would you feel if you were hooked up to a machine that vibrated your entire body 24-hours a day? After a little bit of that, I'd get quickly annoyed. Roscoe tolerated it for a little while but then started getting frustrated. Since his heart rate goes up when he gets frustrated and they can't take him off of this ventilator, the nurses have been sedating Roscoe to keep him calm and not agitated. Unfortunately, this means that Roscoe is almost always bundled up, not moving around, and sleeping. Here is the most movement we've captured in the past few days:

We are hoping that Roscoe's lungs will develop to the point where the oscillating ventilator is no longer necessary, so that he can return to being the active, stable, growing boy that we hope God wants him to be.

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