Saturday, November 9, 2013

Up close and personal

Yesterday Alisha heard from the nurses that Roscoe lost weight (back under 2lbs), but the nurses expected that amount of weight loss since he is now on fluid restrictions and is taking a diuretic. We are praying hard that the fluid restrictions will close his PDA valve. The doctor spoke with Alisha and said that they will do another EKG on Monday to measure the PDA valve in his heart. If the valve hasn't shown much progress then they will talk to us about surgery. The doctor said that the surgery will involve making an incision between his ribs under his armpit and then through that incision tying a string around the PDA valve to force it closed. I don't know if they then tie the string to a doorknob and then slam the door shut, but that's what I'd do.

The videos below are short, but they are some of our favorite ones that Alisha has taken so far. We especially like the close up one because it shows his eyebrows. You can also see that his hair has grown slightly thicker on the side of his head. Pretty soon he'll surpass his dad's follicle count:


  1. He is so sweet! Love the blonde hair! We are praying the valve will close so that he doesn't have to have surgery. Love you guys!

  2. Precious memories you're making! He's doing great and we are so to all 3 of you! Praying for him always <3