Monday, November 11, 2013

PDA surgery and Vocal Cord Risk

We haven't heard anything from the doctors about Roscoe's heart today. We had expected to hear the results of an EKG today where they'd measure his PDA valve to see how much it is still open. When Alisha went in they said that EKG procedures are usually scheduled for Wednesday, so we might still be waiting another few days.

In the meantime, I looked up PDA surgery results. The good news is that PDA surgeries are generally safe and don't endanger the life of the child. The bad news is that there's a 50% chance that during the procedure the doctors will hit a nerve that controls Roscoe's vocal cord, thereby paralyzing that vocal cord:

If that happens, then Roscoe may have a raspy voice, softer cry, and face additional breathing/swallowing problems in the future. Despite the audible benefit of a quieter baby, Alisha and I are praying feverishly that if the surgery does come that Roscoe's vocal cords make it safely through.

We'll keep the blog updated as we hear from the doctors about Roscoe's progress and plans for the future. Please keep his heart and voice in your prayers.

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