Friday, November 15, 2013

Hospital Bill #1: $102,048.55

Here is the total hospital bill that we received for Alisha's 24-day stay from the point she was admitted to the point where she was released (not including Roscoe's care).

As you can tell by the huge difference between the total charges and the amount we owe, I am extremely thankful for the financial blessing that God has given us. Had we needed to pay the huge amount it would have devastated us financially and caused enormous amounts of stress. When we chose our health care limits this past January we had no idea of what we'd face. Thankfully God provided for us so that we can use his finances (which we are taking care of) for other spiritual purposes.


  1. Wow! So thankful that you don't have to pay the whole thing!
    But even if you did, it would be worth it.
    Love you!

  2. God is good that way. He directs us when we aren't even aware of it. I am very happy you have such good coverage.

  3. Wow. I'm glad that you got all the help you can get. No one should have to shoulder this level of burden, especially for something as fundamental as their physical welfare.

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