Saturday, November 23, 2013

Roscoe being held by Mom & Dad

Last night I got to hold Roscoe for the first time. As you'll see in the video, I got to hold him swaddled like you'd normally hold a baby, instead of skin-to-skin (even though I changed into a button-up shirt just for that purpose). They said that Roscoe doesn't like getting too warm, so he might be more agreeable if he was swaddled instead. My hand is blocking much of his head because I didn't want him to turn to the side, since it would mess up his breathing mask.

Here is a zoomed in video of Alisha holding Roscoe from Wednesday night:

Roscoe isn't out of the woods yet as far as stability goes. Last night after I finished holding him he had some heart rate drops and was very agitated and wouldn't go to sleep. His heart rate is also high again, probably because his heart is having to work harder since he's on reduced fluids for his PDA valve (which still had a small/medium opening the last time they checked). His heart rate was around 200 when he was awake and 170 when he was sleeping. The nurse said that some of the agitation might be coming from the steroids (they started weaning him off of them yesterday), because they make a person uncomfortable. He also had lots of changes recently so that may be another reason why he was upset.

Please pray for continued lung development, more stability, and relaxation to come over Roscoe. Thank you to everyone for your continued striving with us in prayer to God, who is overseeing and furthering all of Roscoe's positive developments.


  1. Beautiful family picture! So thankful he has reached this milestone. Always in our thoughts and prayers. Love y'all Matt, Joy and kids

  2. You cup runneth over. It makes me so happy to see the three of you together. I can't help but think, that God is happy too and smiling. Love the blog and videos...keep them coming. Love you all. <3

  3. Thanks for sharing the videos!
    Is that his first time wearing clothes?

    Love you guys!

    1. I think it was his first time wearing clothes, but they were just from the hospital. Alisha found him some shirts (they look like doll clothes) but when we went into the hospital today he didn't have any shirt on because he kept getting warm.

  4. Watching Roscoe reach up to touch Alisha was SO sweet. It must feel so wonderful to hold him.