Monday, November 18, 2013


Sometimes a little perspective can change things. Alisha and I were talking about perspective on the way home from the hospital on Saturday. On one hand we have a child who is on a breathing tube, on a feeding tube, is only 2lb and 5oz, who has a staph infection, a heart problem, and pressure in his lungs. On the other hand, we have a child who has successfully lived for 6 weeks now, is able to breathe, is digesting his food well and increasing his feedings, has grown to double his birthweight, whose heartbeat has settled, is maintaining his body heat, and who tolerates care much better than when he was first born. Which way should we view the situation? It's really all about perspective. Roscoe is in his current state and how we feel about the situation won't change what has happened and won't make him any better. Since our feelings won't make Roscoe any better, it's up to us to choose how we respond to this situation we're in to choose which perspective we take. A great lesson on perspective comes from Matthew 6:25-34. For the visually-oriented learners, try looking at two perspectives on this picture. Do you see an old woman or a young woman?

Here's a video that Alisha took on Saturday to give people a perspective on what it feels like to walk up to Roscoe's incubator in person. We keep trying different ways to get across how small he is, since many can't visit in person. What's still amazing to us is that right now he's 2x bigger than he was when he was first born:

God has brought Roscoe a long way and he's not done yet!


  1. Love this...he's blessed little guy to have y'all as parents! btw : i saw the younger woman before I read the whole story ;) Love to all 3 of you <3

  2. I could not see the older woman all day yesterday...I finally saw it last night. I still can only really see it when the picture is a small thumbnail on my phone. the video, as always!