Friday, November 8, 2013

Holding Pattern

Yesterday Alisha and I went to visit Roscoe and he is starting to heavily ramp up his food intake. He is now up to 10mL of milk every 3 hours, which comes out to 2.7 fl oz per day. The nurses said that they're planning to increase his milk intake by 1-2mL per day. If Roscoe keeps digesting food well and gaining weight then this weekend they will take him off of the supplemental nutrition he's had the whole time and his sole nutrition will come from milk. He was 2lb 4.5oz last night, but will most likely lose weight today due to fluid restrictions.

Unfortunately yesterday Alisha also got news from the doctor that Roscoe's PDA valve is open and is allowing a "medium to large" amount of blood to circulate incorrectly, thus causing less oxygen to get to the rest of his body. Apparently they didn't hear it as a heart murmur because it was opening larger than they thought. They will keep him on fluid restrictions for ~4 days and if that doesn't resolve the issue then I think the next option is heart surgery. They said the surgery would last about 30 minutes and it would involve tying off the valve so that it is physically restricted from opening. We are praying that God will reach into Roscoe and close the valve to avoid the stress of surgery (stress for Roscoe and us).

When we arrived to see Roscoe yesterday we were treated to the most alert and awake Roscoe that we've seen in about 2 weeks. Here are some videos of him looking around. I'll try to post more later today or tomorrow:

I especially like the yawn he does right at the start of this video:

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