Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Progress to a Smaller Ventilator

Alisha brought home good news yesterday about Roscoe's progress. He was moved from the big, oscillating ventilator back to a standard smaller one. They did this because he was showing progress and the doctors want to get him off of the ventilator altogether eventually. His oxygen requirements have dropped from the high numbers last week (40-50%) to 30% earlier this week. Yesterday Alisha said that Roscoe was down to 26% on the smaller ventilator. As a reminder, 21% is the lowest they'll go since that's the mixture of oxygen in normal room air:

Since Roscoe is back on this smaller ventilator, it doesn't vibrate his body and therefore he's much less agitated by it. That means they need to sedate him less, so he's more alert for visitors. Unfortunately I haven't been able to visit him for a few days due to a mild cold/cough, but as long as he's doing well and making progress I am not bothered. Here's a picture that Alisha snapped on her phone yesterday of Roscoe on the new ventilator:

Tomorrow I hope to post some more fun pictures or videos that Alisha took when she visited the little guy. Keep him in your prayers, especially the progress in lung and heart development. The doctors said that as long as he's stable they'll hold off on the EKG (and threat of surgery). Pray that God uses his almighty hands to pinch Roscoe's PDA valve permanently closed, and pray that God breathes life and strength into his tiny lungs.

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  1. This is good news! I've been wondering how his lungs were doing.
    Thanks for keeping us updated!
    Love you!