Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Future Baseball Champ

Yesterday Roscoe made many improvements. He was doing well with digestion and his blood tests showed that the infection is cleared (but they'll keep him on antibiotics for a few more days to make sure). The doctor checked again for a heart murmur (PDA valve) and couldn't hear it, so he thinks that the valve has closed. Hopefully it will stay closed long enough for it to heal so that it will never open again. They lowered his oxygen from 29% to 22%, which is almost back to room-quality air at 21%. They also lessened his breathing support and said he is doing good on his new ventilator (pictured below).
Roscoe's new big, boring ventilator

In honor of the World Series game tonight, I decided to teach Roscoe some of the fundamentals of the wonderful game of baseball. There's nothing like the first time a dad plays catch with his son. Here I am trying to teach him how to throw a fastball:

And yes, before you ask this is a standard size baseball that he'll use in little league. Sadly the nurse made us wash the ball with soap and water before we put it into the incubator with Roscoe. I don't think she cared that water ruins leather baseballs, but I'll make whatever sacrifices I need to make to teach him how to play.

When we do finally play catch, I'll try to remember not to use this ball which Doug got for us shortly after Roscoe (aka: "Dottie") was born. This will make for some interesting stories to tell around the campfire:
It says "It's a Girl!"


  1. Love the baseball picture- so sweet! Haha, of course Doug would get...dottie...Roscoe a baseball!

  2. Love the picture! And love hearing about your son's progress!