Sunday, July 13, 2014

Bigfoot Smile

Yesterday Roscoe had what Alisha and I think was his best day since the stenting procedure. His saturations stayed in the 90's, except for a few isolated periods. Also he was a little more interactive than previous days and didn't seem as agitated as yesterday. We can still tell that something is bothering Roscoe, because sometimes he'll be fine and then start crying for apparently no reason, but we don't know what it is. Several times during the day he's look like this one second:

and then like this the next:

Thankfully, yesterday wasn't filled with crying. He flashed several big smiles throughout the day, both when he was dreaming and when he was awake in response to us or one of the nurses. One of the things we hadn't seen him do much in the past month since his trach tube surgery was smile, so this was a very welcome change. Despite the day being filled with smiles, we failed to capture any of them in pictures (like bigfoot). The only one we caught was at the start of the following video:

Then the rest of our attempts to record his smiles were often too late and looked like this:

We hope that today is another day filled with smiles, awake time, less sedation, and more interactivity. Never cease to give thanks to God for providing something as simple as a smile.


  1. He has the best smile! Love you Roscoe! And you too Shaun and Alisha.