Thursday, July 10, 2014


Yesterday I posted some pictures of the flowers we looked at while we awaited the results of Roscoe's catheterization. What I forgot to post was this video of a very bold squirrel that we ran across. Although it didn't have a velour track suit, it was very bold and refused to back down even as we got very close.

As Alisha shot this video, the camera was very close to 1 foot away from the squirrel while he munched away on his cracker. He must have been comfortable with park visitors. When I knelt down nearby him, he turned toward me and almost looked like he was going to run toward me and jump into my lap. Sadly, he chose to run the other way in search of more crackers.


  1. Shaun, I heard that evil laugh! I bet you were thinking of the raccoon scene from Elf! Don't fall for it, Alisha! :-)

  2. Did he show you a weapon ??? Lol ! ��