Thursday, July 3, 2014

Spotted Boy

Alisha and I were surprised when we came in yesterday morning and found that Roscoe's chest was covered with sores that ranged in color from yellow, to red, to green. Some looked like bruises while others looked like skin irritation. You can see the sores in the pictures below:

We spent the first half of the day trying to figure out what the sores would have been from, since he hadn't experienced many changes in terms of what would have been touching his skin. After a few hours, Alisha tried wiping them with a rag and the color came off of his skin. It turns out that what we thought were sores of various types was actually just a color transfer from a small pillow like the one under his head. At night he sleeps on his stomach, and one of the nurses had put a pillow like that underneath his chest for support. If you look closely, you can see that some of the sores are in the shape of hearts just like the pillow case.


  1. I am imagining a few hours of worry and then laughing! How great to have just a normal, silly thing happen.

  2. I thought I saw a few yellow spots on him in one of the recent videos. Glad it's easily treatable!
    Love you three!

  3. Aw w w w... sweet baby!
    I suppose now you are going to draw a mustache on him while he's sleeping!!!
    I love happy endings .... let's keep the happy endings coming!

  4. Did you connect the spots? Maybe it was a secret message from the Father.

  5. Figuratively AND literally covered with signs of love. So sweet!

  6. It is great when you have problems to report that is so easily treated!