Thursday, July 10, 2014

Good Improvement

Yesterday Roscoe showed a good amount of improvement, dropping his oxygen requirements from 100% oxygen at 50 breaths/minute to 70% oxygen at 30 breaths/minute within 24 hours after the surgery. He went the whole day without desaturating. What was even more amazing to me was that he underwent a repositioning and redressing of his existing PICC line while he was awake, and his heart rate didn't go above 170 and his oxygen didn't drop below 85%. He also got a second PICC line inserted so that they wouldn't have to keep poking him for new IVs.

His eyes were watery because the fan was on. No crying here.

Another good thing was that when I read him a book, he would pay attention to the pictures. The past few weeks he has typically gotten aggravated before we could reach the end of the book:

He is still on very heavy sedation and painkiller medication, so it's not like he's instantly back to normal. He was awake for much more of the day than he had been in the past 3 weeks, mostly because when he was awake he wasn't agitated. For most of the day he sat there like this:

His eyes look black because I didn't have the camera settings quite right. As a side effect of all of the medication they are injecting, he had spells where his tongue would dart around in his mouth. To me it looked like the face an old man makes when he is anxiously awaiting a hot bowl of soup and has nothing else to occupy his mind until it arrives:

We are hoping that these improvements continue and that they will prove to the surgeons that Roscoe will be stable enough to safely operate on in about a week. While we aren't thrilled that he is facing a very dangerous surgery where there is a very real threat that he won't survive, we are hoping that this is the start of his turnaround that will eventually result in him coming home healthy. God has continued to provide along this rocky road we're calling Roscoe's Story. We just need to find the next breadcrumb he's laid down to lead us along ...


  1. Praise God!!! SO good to hear!! We pray for you three continually and will keep on! Love you three!!

  2. Awww...get that poor boy some soup! ;o)

    It is wonderful to hear the good news of his improvement already and I hope this is the beginning of what will someday just be "remember when".

    Love you three!

  3. Awesome news! He is just so precious!

  4. I think Roscoe is wanting a lick of ice cream.:):) he looks so good. Both of you hang in there. God's blessings to you all:):)

    1. Yes! Your's and Grandpa's or Uncle Carney's homemade icecream! That makes anyone feel better! So wonderful to hear of improvements....thank you God and thank you team Roscoe!

  5. I am so Happy to hear this news !!!! I hope you and Ali get to enjoy Roscoe as much as possible too . If there's one thing I reminded of daily now that is .... Everyday us a Gift ... none of us know when our time is up . Some seem closer than others but no one really knows!
    I am thankful God answered our prayers for Roscoe and I pray He continues to ... Please keep us up on Roscoe's progress ....

  6. Great to read this good news and to see these images. Beautiful child!

  7. Father, please give a loaf of bread, we boldly ask! And what father would give a stone instead?

    You are our good & merciful God!

  8. I think he snuck a jelly bean. He's so cute!!!

  9. Such wonderful news! It was so good to see pictures of Roscoe looking alert and knowing this isn't even at his best, since he is still sedated from medication. What a roller coaster ride of emotions you describe in this post, as well as so many others. Wanting to celebrate the happy news of today, but still having to be ever prayerful that the next surgery goes just as well. The two of you have shown incredible faith and strength and I would like to thank you for letting us see as much of this as possible through your eyes. Praising God for recent success and asking Him to make it His will for it to continue.

  10. So grateful to God for the quick improvement from Roscoe's procedure. Breadcrumbs, croutons, bread bowl, now a loaf please! Sometimes it's hard to see side effects of meds but I have to say that the whole mouth thing is pretty cute. Sweet boy that he is!