Monday, July 21, 2014

Mom & Dad

On Sunday, Roscoe had both hands free of IVs or any other clutter, so I snagged the opportunity to snap some portraits while Alisha read to him.

We also tried to take a variety of pictures with Roscoe and I, but his expression didn't change the entire time (click each one for a larger version):

So I just gave in and copied him:


  1. It looks like Roscoe is looking at Alisha when Shaun is making faces to him .Roscoe us saying ;' "Mom,--- Dad's being silly again to get me to smile " haha *
    Roscoe taking after his mom when she was little ... That is so Alisha !!!! You could not get her to smile, if she did not want to smile!

  2.'re crazy and he knows it.
    I love the picture of Alisha and Roscoe both looking at the camera.
    Love you three!

  3. You are simply the best parents! I love the videos and these pictures are priceless. Continuing in prayer for you all. Love from L. A.

  4. You all make a beautiful family!

  5. Great pictures! Smile or not, he is simply precious!

  6. Too funny. Love your sense of humor.