Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Tooth Sighting

Roscoe's surgery has been scheduled for Thursday. As long as his daily blood samples keep showing up infection-free, his open heart surgery will be Thursday morning. He will leave his room around 7am, but the actual surgery probably won't start until around 9am (and it will last quite a while).

Yesterday he had a rough morning. Overnight he slept through the night like the "old" Roscoe, but in the morning he was irritable any time he was awake. We rocked him to sleep for a few hours, but then he woke up in a fury once again. A few days prior, one of the nurses noticed that Roscoe had started sprouting a tooth (a puffy area on his gums):

Alisha suggested that perhaps Roscoe was irritated by the tooth coming in, so a nurse suggested that we dip his pacifier in ice to soothe his gums. The trick worked and Roscoe stopped crying, perked up, then started to rest. For the remainder of the day we focused on soothing his tooth and things went much more smoothly. He closed the day with his oxygen at 65% and nitric oxide at 10ppm.

NOTE: This will be the only update today. We posted lots of stuff the past few days in anticipation of surgery, so we exhausted our backlog. Hopefully we'll have more to share tomorrow.


  1. Roscoe with teeth!? I'm so used to those toothless smiles tho...he's growin' up on us.
    Praying for no infection and smooth days ahead. Love you all.

  2. Praying for a great day ahead and no more infection of any kind. I had thought he had been acting as if he was cutting a tooth. I know angels are gathered around you all. My love

  3. A guy at work had a heart operation when he was two and the doctor told his Mom it would be 6-8 hours. It ended up taking 11 or 12 with nothing going wrong. Just wanted to let you know in case Roscoe's takes a really long time it is still okay.
    .......now back to that tooth! He's going to look so cute.....but then again, how could anyone be cuter than the master of the toothless grin???
    God bless everyone involved in helping Roscoe! ♡♡♡

  4. Although I'm sorry it's hurting him, it still makes me happy that something "normal" is happening in the midst of all this other stuff. We're holding Roscoe in our hearts and prayers in anticipation of Thursday.

  5. Toofers are so rough on babies! Glad the ice is helping. Lots of love and prayers and anticipation for Thursday!!