Monday, July 14, 2014

Clipping Fingernails

While Alisha clipped Roscoe's fingernails, he had something else on his mind. She wore a black & white striped headband, and he kept his eyes glued to it the entire time:

I wonder what was going through his little mind while he stared at her accessories?


  1. Cute!
    If anyone's got stare-worthy accessories, it's Alisha.

    Love you three!

  2. I've been following Roscoe's story for awhile through Tifany. Love seeing the improvement and his beautiful smile. Continuing to pray!

  3. Is he thinking """I gonna catch her when she's lookin at me !!!! .

  4. I wonder if I'm half zebra? I haven't looked in the mirror lately!
    Boy, do I love that lady and the man taking the picture!!!

  5. Roscoe likes seeing his Mommas' eyes .He likes it when she's looking at him .