Sunday, July 27, 2014

Poem for Roscoe

Late tonight I received another poem for Roscoe, written by a church member in Covina, CA. Thank you to everyone for your outpouring of love in various forms for our son. We feel truly blessed.

Born so early and so small
To God did many make a call
To give you strength and to grow
Many prayers around the world did flow
We read and followed faithfully along
Saying with your parents is where you belong
We looked for updates everyday
Hearing about you and what your dad would say
So much news some bad and some good
New things to learn and be understood
New things you did made proud your mom and dad
Then hearing "The End" made everyone sad
There is a comfort in all this sadness
That one day we'll meet and all will be gladness
Prayers continue from all around the world
Prayers for comfort are being up hurled
We know you are smiling now with God
And your parents' faithfulness we applaud

- Laura Byrd