Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Still Waiting to hear from Surgeon

Alisha and I didn't get to talk to the surgeon yesterday. The nurse told us that the surgeon was in the operating room all day, so we're not sure if he just got unexpectedly busy or if he forgot to come talk with us. Hopefully today we'll get to speak with him. When we told Roscoe that we didn't yet know when his surgery was, this was his reaction:

Roscoe had yet another great day. Through the daytime shift he only had one additional dose of painkillers, which is slowly trending downward. They also started weaning one of the drip medications called dexmedetomidine (which the nurses call "dex" for short). We got to hold him again and he closed the day very content and resting well.

Here's a video of him while we held him:


  1. He is so sweet! Those smiles are precious!

    Sorry you didn't get to meet with the surgeon yet - we'll keep praying!
    Love you three!

  2. I love seeing that big open-mouthed smile! It makes you wonder what their little baby brain is thinking when certain sounds or things make them laugh or smile. It's so great to see him being held by y'all again! Praying you will get to see the surgeon today and that he will have some good news for you!