Saturday, July 26, 2014

The Boy Who Never Grew Up

Roscoe will continue to grow with Alisha and I as life goes on. Each year that passes, we'll wonder what he would have done had he still been with us. Thankfully, I am able to see into Roscoe's future. We received more cards from Roscoe's favorite artist:

These pictures give us a glimpse into the boy that Roscoe would have become. If you haven't seen the other cards he sent us previously, they are shown below from the original blog post:

I enjoy seeing someone else's view of how Roscoe's life would have developed. Each of us have our own view of what that future looked like. On facebook, a mother mentioned that she imagined her children one day introducing her to their new friend who was named Roscoe. Another person imagined shaking the hand of a man in 20 years and having him introduce himself as Roscoe, having prayed for him until that day.

Roscoe will grow up in our minds. Alisha and I were recently wondering whether Roscoe lives on with the mind of a baby, or if in heaven he'll instantly comprehend things as an adult. Does he understand clearly all that has happened? Perhaps he'll mature as we grow older and be taught about righteousness by God himself.

However, there is a part of us that will hold Roscoe as the boy who never grew up. He never sinned, never saw heartbreak, never hurt anyone, and never made a mistake. Like another boy who never grew up (Peter Pan), our Roscoe will live on in Neverland. I'm not using "Neverland" as slang for "heaven", I'm talking about the actual Neverland. If you don't believe me, just look at the map and you'll see Roscoe's Roost (click if you haven't previously seen it) ...


  1. Paul - these are fabulous! You are so talented.
    My personal favorites are Roscoe the Creative and Roscoe the Kind Hearted and Roscoe the Boy Wonder...those match how I "see" Roscoe (the Nephew).
    Thank you for sharing these!

    1. My personal favorite is "Roscoe the Creative". The fuzzy hair and imaginary dinosaur are things that I pictured coming soon in his future.

  2. The other day my little girl was watching "Peter Pan" and I couldn't stop thinking about that story being Alisha's favorite, and Roscoe's Roost and him living in "Neverland" with the lost boys and having great adventures.

  3. I also had Peter Pan going on in our house and will forever think of Roscoe when I see it and see Roscoe's Roost on the map, I have read the blog since the very first post. I grew to love baby Roscoe, Shaun and Alisha. "checking on Roscoe" became a daily , often several times a day routine for me. Through this precious baby God demonstrated power, he showed mercy and love, brought the world together through prayer for one of his children. Thank you Shaun and Alisha for sharing your baby with us and demonstrating unwavering faith in the Lord. Roscoe will carry the legacy of the "Boy who brought the world together in prayer" We are still prayer for y'all