Thursday, July 17, 2014

Whispering in his Ear

When Roscoe is upset or on the verge of getting sleepy, sometimes I will lean down next to him to get him to relax. Since we can't pick him up, this is the closest thing I can think of to make him feel like he's being held. I will touch my cheek to his cheek, whisper into his ear, and then kiss him on the cheek. Most of the time his face will go blank when I do this, almost looking like he is in a daze.

The words I whispered into his ear were "Good boy. Momma loves you, and daddy loves you, and God loves you". This is one of my favorite things to do with Roscoe.


  1. That is one thing you cannot tell him too much of ... Keep that up . You are a good Dad Shaun ; aswell as good husband to my good Daughter and Roscoe's good mom .

  2. He looks happy when you do that. Precious.

  3. I've watched this more than 20 times, and probably will 20 x 20 more.
    If you want to know how tender love it : )
    I love these boys and their terrific gal!