Friday, July 18, 2014

Only in San Francisco

Alisha and I have seen a plethora of things being here in the city. Before you ask, yes I am using the word "plethora" because I learned it from the 1986 movie Three Amigos. One of the first things we learned is that if you want to sound local, don't call the city by its full name: just say "the city". Anyone who says "San Francisco" or the dreaded and dated "Frisco" will instantly identify themselves as an out-of-towner.

As we travel around San Francisco ... I mean, the city ... we look at the houses and people that we pass by. This house is one of the favorites that we've seen and it's only a few blocks from where we are located. What really impressed me was the rounded surfaces on the sides of the third story balcony:
Click here for more pictures/details of this house 

There is such variety of things going on in this place. For instance, I passed this Rolls Royce parked in a metered parking spot along a busy street:
By comparison (or is it contrast) Alisha saw a homeless man holding up traffic near UCSF while he sat in an office chair in the middle of the street on a steep hill. The homeless man rolled down the middle of the street laughing uncontrollably, then bailed from his chair when it began rolling too fast, and didn't seem to care that the chair struck two parked cars. After all of this happened, the man grabbed the office chair and wheeled it away. 

On top of all of that, it's been an average of 65 degrees, foggy, and it rained yesterday in the middle of July. Only in San Francisco.


  1. Perhaps that homeless man was an angel sent to give Alisha a laugh, or at least me, because that just cracked me up! Yes I am the one that laughs when people fall down. I care though....I really do!

  2. One more thing....perhaps you should ask the gardener of the house the question I overheard while passing a similarly fancy, shmancy house in you know who lives here? Are they black, white, or ghetto?

  3. That house is amazing! The price is unbelievable....