Saturday, July 26, 2014

Messages for Roscoe

One thing that I have loved about the journey of telling Roscoe's story is seeing how genuinely involved children become in the life of my child. Roscoe has received cards from children in the past when he was living:

Since Roscoe passed, I've heard of a few kids doing special things for him. His cousin, Lincoln, wanted to make arrows and shoot one up to Roscoe. His cousin, Javan, sent him this picture:

Then I also heard how kids at a birthday party in West Virginia wanted to tie a message to balloons and send them up to Roscoe:

These notes and stories really touch our hearts. If your kids would like to get a message to Roscoe, feel free to email me a picture of their card, pose, or any other message form (SWACKERL@GMAIL.COM). I will publish it here on this blog post. Let them know that God is reading the blog to Roscoe right now, and that soon Roscoe will be able to read it on his own.

Here are the additional pictures I've received since first posting the blog entry:
Alea, Oklahoma

Archer, Texas

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